Understanding the aging process of one’s complexion and using the right products made of natural ingredients with proven effects have helped in providing you with effective formulas, specifically designed for your needs.” – Aura

Our Story

Our Story began a long time ago, on the territory of a European country through Aura, a chemist engineer with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and quality control industry. There, in Romania, she worked in a prestigious profile company in Europe and is currently working in research.


The mixture of substances, colored solutions, and the reactions they made were the center of her childhood. The label of any product, its ingredients and the benefits it can offer were no longer a mystery to her. That’s how she became Mendeleev’s best friend.


In life, she has always been guided by the principles that define her: fairness, sincerity, seriousness and perseverance. She discovered the influence of the scientific field in beauty and health, giving birth to the desire to know more and to be better.


Nature offers us solutions, and chemistry helps us combine them optimally so that we can benefit from them at maximum capacity. The charm of things comes from the work done in continuous research.

Brand philosophy

Preserving and enhancing birth given radiance and beauty could be both a skincare and a spiritual preoccupation. Certainly, working on both edges could lead to extraordinary results. Our mission is to help taking your personal skincare routine to the next level having as foundation our personal experience and knowledge. The products that we recommend stem from research of the latest generation, and are based on natural ingredients that work great with the body in achieving skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

2018 - Birth of the brand

Glora arises from Aura’s desire to capitalize on its acquired knowledge over time to provide advice to anyone, regardless of their need. Like Aura, Glora is the brand that keeps its promises, it is assumed and offers not only luxury products but a difference in your daily care routine.