Having a makeup look flawless and fresh even after hours after application is a task even professional makeup artists struggle with. The quality of the products used does matter, such as the type of foundation, concealer and powder but the most important aspect is the preparation.

The preparation of the face before applying make-up makes the whole difference in how the makeup will wear throughout the day. Consequently, hydrating and moisturizing beforehand are the most important steps in making the skin a clear, uniform canvas to work on. When the skin is properly moisturized, the foundation will go on a lot smoother and will last twice as long.

A great product that accomplishes this task without fail is Gerovital Luxury Drop For Daily Hydration. It hydrates from within and it is absorbed quickly, giving the skin a healthy glow.  It can be also used as a moisturizing primer.

Having discussed the preparation process, it is imperative we address the cleansing process after 12 hours of wearing makeup. Many people believe that wearing makeup causes acne if worn for long periods of time. In fact, makeup protects the skin from dust, wind, sun and other damaging factors.

In order to remove it properly and to cleanse the skin, there are 4 important steps to follow:

  1. Removing the bulk of the makeup with either wipes or pads and a makeup remover.
  2. Washing off all the residue left with Gerovital Luxury Face Wash Cream.

        3. Applying toner on a makeup pad to restore the natural PH of the skin and to gently exfoliate and hydrate, such as the Gerovital Luxury Toning Lotion.

       4. Deeply moisturize with the same drops used for preparation.

Done! Your skin is nicely cleansed and prepared for your beauty sleep.