All You Need To Know About Micellar Gel

All You Need To Know About Micellar Gel
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Micellar gel is everyone’s beauty ally. This all-in-one cleanser and make-up remover is surprisingly very powerful yet gentle on the skin. It is especially formulated to effectively clean and refresh by hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

Micellar gel originated in France, because skin experts in Paris found the water there too harsh for sensitive skin, causing dry skin and skin blemishes. Micellar found soon made its way into the U.S beauty market as it gained popularity. And now, not only the makeup artists but people from all walks of life use micellar gel regularly without any side effects or allergies.

Designed for all skin types, and free from oils, sulfates, fragrance, parabens, and alcohol, it is ideal for sensitive skin too. Micellar gel doesn’t require rinsing and uses a unique technology different from most facial cleansers that leave skin clean and soft.

Gerovital Luxury Cleansing Micellar GelWhat is Micellar Gel?

Micelles: tiny translucent particles, work to cleanse your skin like a magnet. They are effective at sweeping away dirt and makeup in one rinseless, pristine step, making the skin feel soothed and refreshed without over-drying.

The micellar gel helps remove excess sebum, sweat, and impurities. It is extremely thorough in removing a variety of makeup products, including everything from foundation to eye makeup and mascara.

The Gerovital Cleansing Micellar Gel contains Aquaxyl and Neurophroline, a plant extract obtained using green technology, an innovative ingredient that has visible effects on the freshness of the complexion and beneficial for the skin’s protection and care. Gerovital Toning Lotion and Gerovital Face Wash Cream, are other dermatologically tested, soap-free alternative products that can be used for make-up removal and cleaning the skin.

How to use Micellar Gel?

Simply saturate a cotton pad with micellar gel. Swipe across your face and see the dirt or makeup disappear as if it was never there.

For removing stubborn waterproof mascara and lipstick, simply press the cotton pad and hold it for a few seconds and wipe before seeing the results. With Micellar gel, no harsh rubbing on the skin, and no rinsing too.

Micellar gel is versatile

It helps you with your beauty routine. Messed up on your contouring? A slip with your mascara? Instead of having to wash your whole face again, just dip a Q-tip into the gel and use it to erase the makeup mishap.

Even when you’re not wearing makeup, micellar gel can be used to freshen the skin when you’re gymming, hiking, or bicycling.

Do not forget to include micellar gel in your travel bag as it a favorite beauty arsenal. Happy Cleansing!

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