Gerovital Luxury Skincare Range

Gerovital Luxury Skincare Range
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It’s no secret that beauty is a pain. Juggling your career along with social life and maintaining your health and sanity is an achievement on its own. All the stress and anxiety that life has in store for me often shows on my face – pimples, dark circles, wrinkles, and the inevitable signs of aging. I kid you not – the treatment for all these is so extensive and costly its really painful seeing my bank account drain like that.

I don’t know what good deed I did that this time when I went to a cosmetic shop to get my regular skincare products, this lady approached me, inquiring about my need. Whether it was her sweet face or the lack of the usual condescending tone, I confided in her about my skin problems. Although she was not the salesperson for the brand I usually use, I listened to her advertising about her brand. The name was fancy and catchy – Gerovital Luxury.

Gerovital Luxury mainly targets women in the age group of 35-50. Considering I fell into this group and which probably also showed on my face, I decided to take a risk and invest in something new. The lady seemed pretty confident about her information. The brand is actually an European brand brought in the US by Glora. You know this skincare range focuses on the genes and cells that cause aging? I was literally standing there, baffled, as the lady taught me patiently about the FOXO and KLOTHO genes, also known as youth proteins.

I told her I was a regular makeup user, and being a working woman, I hardly found time to go through a 10-step skincare routine observing the 15 product range of Gerovital Luxury. Many women spend all day rubbing expensive creams and various products on their skin, but to be honest, my day is so hectic I would hardly get to do that. However, on the salesperson’s advice, I bought both the day and the night cream to get the maximum effect. I guess I just gave meaning to beauty sleep; get beautiful as you sleep.

Despite being a bit scared as I was experimenting with something new, I went with it. Exaggeration aside, the products were miraculous. In a week, I could see and feel visible changes. It was like I woke anew every morning, all fatigue marks and dullness gone overnight. So I sat down to learn more about the product range.

Basically, Gerovital Luxury aims to increase the synthesis of KLOTHO using Lakesis ALG 356 in order to fight aging, plus KLOTHO has so many health benefits as well. She briefed about the oil that was extracted exclusively from the Pistacia Lentiscus tree widely found on the island of Chios, Greece. Moreover, it also includes neurophroline, an ingredient obtained using green technology extracted from Wild Indigo seeds and has proven to have many skin benefits. Also, it has hyaluronic acid, a very important compound to maintain skin firmness and glow.

After the miraculous results, I decided to try out the other products from the Gerovital Luxury range, and as expected, I was not disappointed.

I really believe women should invest in reliable skincare products that are worth the money.

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